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Professional Certification Track Options

Track: #101 MERIT Profile Advisor Track

This Certification Track is designed for those who wish to be professionally trained in reading and interpreting the MERIT Profile Development and Recruitment Reports. This certification level will enable a person to be actively involved in the skillful execution of talent acquisition and employee development initiatives.  This training is appropriate for Hiring Managers, as well as other key Human Resource and Trainer positions within an organization. 

Track: #103 PLE Champion Certification Track

Equips each Certification Candidate to utilize three proprietary Human Capital Diagnostic Tools and processes to establish, develop and sustain a PLE Culture throughout the Organization at every divisional level. This Certification Track includes the MERIT Profile Advisor Certification and the Internal PLE Champion will be able to design and assist with the implementation of a Human Capital Blueprint.

Track: #102 PLE Leader/Coach Certification Track

Specifically equips each Certification Candidate with the knowledge, tools and strategic processes to train and coach individuals and work teams in regard to maximizing their Personal Leadership Effectiveness or PLE. It also includes the MERIT Profile Advisor Certification.

Track: #104 PLE Champion-Hybrid Track

Includes all three certifications listed above. By having an internal PLE Champion-Hybrid that is trained in all of our Character-based Human Capital Solutions, the Organization will be well-prepared to execute a Human Capital Blueprint supported by an integrated PLE System and Platform. This proprietary process and learning methodology will enable the Leadership Team to scale the PLE Value Proposition throughout the organization in a cost-effective manner.

Client Certification Options

We are looking for professional men and women who are interested in becoming certified in our PLE Learning Methodology.  Click below for more information about our Certification Tracks

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