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In the current culture of global change, many organizations are revising their best practices for creating a healthy and collaborative workforce to maximize each person's contribution for personal and professional business success.  


Our PLE Methodology for Maximizing Workforce Contribution is simple in practice as leaders lead the way to integrate Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE) into the culture.  With our 'crawl,' 'walk,' 'run,' integration you will, over time, experience greater levels of performance, collaboration, productivity and efficiency in your teams 

as they support the business goals of your organization.

Connect to learn how you can integrate this timely and relevant solution into your workforce today!

Kimberly Hooper

The Vine Solution - National Director/Consulting Services

MERIT Certified Consultant

Kimberly has extensive experience leading Process Improvement, Change Management and Project Management Initiatives in for-profit and non-profit Organizations.  She has helped organizations develop their Marketing Strategies, build strong Strategic Business Plans, achieve successful Process Improvement that positively impacted individuals, teams and Organizations.

Connect with Kimberly to explore the possibilities.


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